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We listen to out customers and have established a fun, casual and relaxing atmosphere at the Tea House 650.
Choose from over 70 wonderful loose-leaf teas. We offer herbal, green, white, black and chai tea. We sell teas by the gram. We will weigh out whatever you find that suits your taste. Our teas are “Top Shelf” and have been suggested by customers and hand selected by us. We carry a large selection of Organic & Fair Trade tea as well.

100 grams of tea @.12cent = $12.00 = 50 cups
100 grams of tea @.22cents = $22.00 = 50 cups
Our minimum purchase at Tea House 650 is
25 grams @.12 cents = 12 cups = $3.00
25 grams @.22 cents = 12 cups = $5.50

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Our unique wines come from the wonderful “Murielle Winery”. we have Tropical, Traditional and Vintners Series. The grapes are selected from vineyards in California, Washington State and Canada.

Very low in sulfites

Welcome, Stop in and enjoy our Retail Outlet or Order everything online you need to enjoy a variety of Healthy Teas & supplies

All manners of Tea Products, available to you at Tea House 650

White Mango.
White Mango Pear tea on the scale. Customer trying 25 grams of tea to brew at home
Iced tea ready to serve.
Lady Hannah, Gojiberry Green, Peach Rooibos, Hibuscus Herbal.
"Matcha Martini"
Have you had your Martini today? Fresh Lemonade and Organic Matcha WOW!!

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